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What does it cost?


Group Rates and Individual Rates


(Prices Per Player. Taxes 6.75% not included in these prices.)



Group Rates:                             Less than 10 Players     10-19 Players             20+ Players

                                                         per player                 per player                  per player


350 Paintballs (per player)

Includes Equipment*                         $35                              $30                            $27


500 Paintballs (per player)

Includes Equipment*                         $40                              $35                            $32


1000 Paintballs (per player)

Includes Equipment*                         $55                              $50                            $47


If you have all of your own gear and require no rental gear, get a $5 discount off group rates.


Rental setup: Tippmann (marker) with unlimited Compressed air, rental mask, and barrel cover.


$25 pro rental setup (Empire Axe marker, Empire e-Flex mask, Empire z2 Prophecy Hopper, air tank)



Players are welcome to bring your own paintball gear, but we also have everything needed available for rental. The only other thing you need is paint! Most players shoot around 500 paintballs, which is usually around 2-3 hours of play.


You MUST have a reservation ahead of time. All our paintball groups are private and will not be forced to play with other groups. We do require a minimum of 6 players.



We are a Field Paint Only (FPO) field. This means you must use the paint we sell at our field. We monitor our paint to make sure it is of the best quality. We use only premium paint. Players shoot an average of 700 paintballs during a day.


Prices for extra paint.  Prices and types may vary.


500 paintballs.........................................$ 20 + tax

1000 paintballs (half case)....................$ 35 + tax

2000 paintballs (full case).....................$ 60 + tax (best buy)


**A waiver must be signed by a parent for any person under the age of 18.**


We have a Concessions & Picnic Area


You will have several playing fields from which to choose. A trained referee will escort your group to a variety of playing fields. The referee will continually monitor your games for safety. You will be under supervision at all times while on and off the playing fields. Safety is our business.  Just bring yourself & friends and have fun!




Playing Schedule:

 We are open By Appointment Only -- 6 players minimum to play!  Call for appointment -- 903-336-6139!

What it costs!